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Our observations brought a completely new understanding of the growth of cells in a biosystem, namely that brain nerve cells (root cells) are linked to the corresponding limbs in a biosystem from the beginning thru fascial structures. Therefore, there will be a reaction at both ends at the same time, if the bioelectric connection is disturbed! This can lead to "Biological Decomposition" at both ends! With the preventional programs, we are therefore concentrating on the development of new bioelectrical connections, which were disturbed by vaccine damage, long-term medication and surgical incisions on the fascia tracts.

Chaava (CEO & Founder)


Due to severe health problems, I came first time in contact with biophysical principles healing. I was so convinced of the possibilities that I have studied during the year 2003 - 2006 bio-physics. During my studies I was able to cure my chronic pains and symptoms completely. For this reason, I decided to reorient myself to Plan B in the future.




In 2011, I started to implement all the principles step by step, what I had studied, researched and applied during the years 2003 - 2010.

The Scientific Informational Medicine has arised from this work.

All living beings and the vegetation have two systems; the primary as well as the secondary System for the entire self-regulate of their existence. The primary System A affects the electrons that generate bio-electricity in the body, in order to keep the body temperature at 37°C degrees. The secondary System B can thereby build up biochemistry such as blood, hormones, muscles, tissues and bones. In vegetation, the principle remains the same. In other words; only the bio-electricity steers as a primary System A the cell and bacterial activity and therefore the speed of reproduction. When this process is disrupted by fascial injuries, "Rapid Biological Decomposition" starts in any kind of a biological system.

Natural Law System Principles (Image 1.)
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The growth of cells and bacteria in a biological system is not one-way in one direction, but simultaneously in both directions. In a cell division, therefore, simultaneously the bacterial strains are also stimulated to growth, because growth and decomposition occur continuously and simultaneously. Therefore, brain nerve cells (root cells) are linked to the corresponding to the limb cells from the beginning and at all levels through the fascial tissue in a biological system. Nature assumes the same principle for living beings (mobile systems) as it already applies in vegetation (stationary systems).

Natural Law Cellsystem (Image 2.)
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